Reprogram Your Mindset, Obliterate Emotional Eating and Take Control of Your Life Once and For All – Without Constant Internal Resistance

Unleash Your Life Events

Mindset coaching enables you to cut to the core of why you’re overweight and to make conscious and permanent changes to your behaviour.

What Clients Are Saying…

Tey is an amazing woman. The moment I met her I knew this, and from our very first session I felt like she could see me for who I am.
Mindset coaching has helped me break down self-imposed barriers that were holding me back and offered a fresh and insightful perspective on how I see the world and myself. Our coaching has guided me to embrace who I am, what i value and the life I want for myself, which has been utterly liberating!

– Lisa Bentham

Mindset coaching has guided me through some difficult crossroads with valuable strategies which have helped me find courage to face situations and choices in my life with a sense of certainty. I am a much happier person for having made the decision to work with UY and Tey\’s coaching has helped me greatly, to create change, reach for goals and places in my life I didn’t ever think were possible.

– Simona Sparano

Mindset coaching was a pivotal turning point in my journey to learn to accept, love, value and forgive myself for  all the things I was holding myself to ransom for. Tey has an amazing gift where she names things, just as they are. She challenged me in a way that was respectful while forcing me to look deeper and really reflect.
During and following my sessions I experienced shifts not only in my mindset but in my body where it felt like a weight lifted and in my heart where a blockage that I was aware was there, but I didn’t know how to shift so that my heart could be open. Tey is an insightful,  intuitive and connected being who is able to be in the moment with you, just where you are, then she leads you to where you could be and who you really are. Amazing!

– Sharon Bennie

Dear reader,

Have you ever been told that “being healthy, fit and lean is simple?”

“Just eat healthy and exercise regularly. Then repeat… over and over again… week in week out.”

“Simple as that.”

So why are you still so stuck? Why aren’t you lean, energetic and vibrant? Why don’t you stop eating junk and replace it with fresh vegetables and lean protein? Why don’t you hit the gym every morning?

Well, I’ll tell you why…

 The old “eat well and exercise regularly” formula is FLAWED…

It’s missing one vital ingredient that’s more powerful than logic and more all-consuming than the desire to succeed.

This ingredient can bring you unstuck without you even realising. It stalks you through life and often silently sabotages all your best intentions.

So what is this ingredient?…

Your mindset.

You see…

 We all have a constant stream of thoughts, beliefs and “self-talk” which shape and flavour everything we do.

When these thoughts are known and understood, they can empower you to live the life you truly want, BUT if they stay hidden in your sub-conscious, they can easily sabotage all your best intentions and leave you frustrated, dissatisfied and not knowing why.

So, if you find yourself consistently self-sabotaging or feeling “stuck” in ANY aspect of your life – your mindset is probably the culprit.

The good news is…

 Our 1-on-1 mindset coaching can help you unravel these thought patterns and limiting beliefs, and unleash your true potential.

Here’s how it works:

We’ll sit down with you one-on-one and dig deeply into your issues and sticking points. We’ll help you unravel your deepest fears, pains, desires and thought patterns that are keeping you from progressing.

Once you understand these patterns we’ll help you reverse limiting beliefs and plan a strategy to reach your dreams – without internal resistance.

In a nutshell the process looks like this:

  • Step 1: Understand Your Self : 

    Here we discover why do you do the things you do and what thought patterns are shaping your life. This step is focussed on you forming a deep self-awareness and clarity around your “authentic self” (once you know yourself intimately, the path to success will start to become obvious).

  • Step 2: The Gap Between Where You are and Where You Want to Be? 

    Once you have clarity around your authentic SELF you will be able to clearly see or feel what you want to achieve. From this place of awareness we’ll work together to determine the best action areas to move towards your goals without resistance.

  •  Step 3: The Steps to Get You Where You Want to Be: 

    In this stage of coaching we assist you with the BEST strategies (whether they be nutrition, training, mindset or something else) to move you from self-awareness to realising your dreams.

Overall, we help you…

Cut to the Core of Your Health and Fitness Issues, Crush Limiting Beliefs, Reposition Yourself Mentally and Move Towards Your Ultimate Goals Without Internal Resistance.

Sound good?…

Here’s How to Get Started on Your Road to a More Empowered Life

If you’ve been struggling with mental blockages, binge eating or just seem stuck for no apparent reason… book a FREE consultation with one of our mindset experts.

Sessions are by appointment only and can be conducted by Skype or in person at our UY headquarters in Footscray, Melbourne.

In this session, you’ll sit down with one of our trained mindset experts and work through some of the issues that have been holding you back.