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November 2014

6 Fat-burning Foods That You Need To Know

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Did you know that some foods could actually burn fat? Yes! You’ve read that right! Not only exercise can help you burn unwanted fat to help you lose weight, but the foods that you eat as well.

  1. Broccoli Rabe

Broccoli Rabe, which is also known as Rapini in some regions, has a fat-burning property. It is a green cruciferous vegetable with edible leaves and stems. It can burn fat because it of its component called phytonutrient sulforaphane. This is a type of enzyme that signals your fat cells to burn fat. That’s amazing, right?

  1. Almonds and other types of nuts

Almonds and nuts are known for its ability to help the body burn fat. Aside from this, the nutrients found in nuts are also important for the process of building muscles of the body. Nuts can also reduce cravings so you will not find yourself eating for no reason at all.

  1. Avocado

Aside from being delicious, this fruit is also very good for people who want to improve their metabolism. Aside from boosting the metabolism, it can also protect your cells from the damaging effects of free radicals.

  1. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is not only known to help burn fat, it also has various benefits for your body. First, it can help lower one’s insulin by regulating your blood sugar. It also works to regulate and boost your metabolism.

  1. Chili peppers

For those who love chili, then this is for you. Chili peppers can help you burn fat. This is possible because it affects a person’s metabolism. Basically, the metabolism speeds up because of the components found in chili peppers.

  1. Wild Salmon

This fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acid that can help improve your insulin sensitivity. When this happens, it will be easier to decrease fat especially in your waistline.

There you have it! These are just some of the foods that you may want to include in your meals to help you burn fat. As always, you should consume this in moderation to avoid problems. Also, do not forget that a well-balanced diet and regular exercise is still important if you are serious in meeting all your fitness goals.

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5 Unusual Weight Loss Tips That You Did Not Know

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If you are tired of hearing the same old tips for losing weight, then you will surely enjoy this article.  These simple but useful tips will help you achieve your fitness goals in no time.

  • Take vitamins regularly

According to a study published by the renowned International Journal of Obesity, people who take vitamins are more likely to have lesser fat percentage compared to those who don’t. This is related to a person’s eating habits. Experts concluded that some people tend to eat more than they should because they lack certain vitamins and minerals. Because of this, the body will try to compensate by signaling the brain that you are still hungry, when in fact, the body just needs to get what nutrients it lacks.

  • Sniff an apple, banana, or peppermint

Experts suggested that the more you sniff an apple, banana or peppermint, the lesser the chances that you will feel hungry. Since you are not always hungry, you will surely lose your excess weight. Theories suggest that by smelling any of the three, can actually trick the brain that you are eating, without actually doing it. Amazing, right?

  • Know where to sit on the table

If you are trying to lose weight, then your sitting position in the dining table is important. The best position is at the edge of the table or any sit, far from the center. This is the best spot because you will also be far from the best food servings, which are usually put in the center.

  • Never skip your breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Because of this, you should always eat proper breakfast. Skipping this meal will just make you feel hungry all day long. As a result, you will eat more than what you should actually consume.

  • Sleep with the lights off

As weird as it may seem, this is another effective technique for people who do not want to gain more weight. According to experts, sleeping with lights off can decrease your risk of becoming obese or overweight.

  • Hang a mirror opposite the dining table

This is another tip for those who want to get rid of excess fats. By placing a mirror opposite your table, you will be more conscious of what you eat. Because of this, you will surely lose weight since your food portions will be smaller.

  • Do not feel guilty during cheat days

According to experts, the feeling of guilt after eating will just make it harder for someone to accomplish her/his fitness goals. Remember that if you are too stressed out, there is a tendency for you to eat more.

These are just some of the unusual weightloss tips that you need to know. Aside from these tips, do not forget to have an active lifestyle also.


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Running machine vs. running outdoors: Treadmill or Tread Carefully?

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Which is the most beneficial? It is a question as old as the treadmill invention itself. The same things were asked about multigyms when first appearing in the seventies but there’s not much evidence of them becoming extinct.

The fact is that, like most modern inventions using technology, they are made to make our lives easier but not necessarily to change our lives totally. Used in moderation, they can be handy at times.

Here are the pros and cons for both so you can decide for yourself.

Treadmill triumphs

1. The treadmill is a safer and more practical choice during bad weather. This can be true when running conditions have hit the hot or cold extremes. For snow and ice then, indoor treadmills provide ample means to keep running whatever the winter is throwing at us (provided we can still reach the gym of course!).

2. Treadmills provide a regular sound surface to cut down on ligament wear and tear or injuries due to bad surfaces. Can be argued this is true once again and bad road surfaces certainly pose their challenges especially if the light is none too great.
3. Treadmills are sophisticated now and can be pre-programmed with replica course information to make a training regime easily possible for the run at hand. This is true and modern machines can throw in inclines and now even declines to make your route planner as complete as possible.
4. Treadmills provide up to the second pacing and monitoring. This is probably the biggest advantage when accurate information on split times is needed. It is also quite easy to hook up pulse monitors and get medical feedback for analysis.

5. Treadmills make water and carb intake easier. This can be as easy as the monitoring advantages as your supplies are just an arm’s length away.

The dreaded treadmill?

The outdoor aficionados would argue that outdoor conditions are part of outdoor running and the legs and body should be trained to cope. They would suggest that competition runs happen anywhere and anytime and must be coped with, although there should be no bad surfaces, but think of all those cobles that organizers seem to love, for the spectacle presumably.

1. Running outdoors gives you a better chance of setting different pace settings that may be needed during a race when other competitors go faster or slower. Sometimes a quick injection of pace can take a few race strides where the treadmill works bests premeditated.

2. There is no competitive element to a treadmill. You can only defeat yourself on it whereas race running needs to be tuned in to the competitive edge which can be practiced for pushing through pain barriers on difficult terrain to see how your body copes. Maintaining race speed in windy conditions is an obvious big difference.

3. Treadmills are boring. The psychological aspect is probably the biggest in truth. Some runners find the mouse wheel incredibly tedious and quite often self-defeating. They do not like to be continually looking at the digits flash up just to know if they are doing okay. Many outdoor runners love running, well, outdoors.

4. A course through fresh green fields with continually changing vistas is loved by all road runners and the thrill of inner city competitions with cheering crowds can never be replicated. The throng of competitive running shoes pounding around you is enough for some purists to go for a practice run based on enjoyment and adrenalin alone. Go find that in a gym with the hamster wheel!

Hopefully you will agree they both have their uses depending on your needs of the day. So the recommendation is to use them as such. Perfect running conditions should tell you to get out there and have a perfect run. If a blizzard is bearing down then stay with the mill and become a running machine yourself for two hours.

Either fans would agree, as long as you’re running somewhere somehow, it’s far better than not running at all.

Now, where did I leave my running shoes?


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Physical Activity in a Modern World

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Sure, we wanna be fit. We want to be lighter, healthier and more active, but our computers are partly to blame for the problem. We can’t live without them. We need one at work, one at home, and one to relax with. We even need one to navigate between our cherished spaces.

So how can we break away and get back to a physical life before it’s too late?

First of all we need to stop thinking technology is making us more sedentary. It doesn’t have to. It can be used to do just the opposite.

1. Information Support

We use the Internet to research anything and everything so why not look up all things physical activity. Build your database around local points of fitness opportunities.

Hook up with fitness groups and where to meet.

Plot the most beneficial jogging routes based on time available. Record the route planner and podcast it onto your music device.

In the gym use your device to pump up your music harder and faster.

2. Buddy support

It’s always good to get advice when setting out on a fitness program so hook up with an online trainer. They will review your activity reports and suggest the path of progress for you. Check out virtual personal trainers.

Post all your achievements on social media and get a wealth of local information from your very own network and hopefully messages of encouragement, delivered brutally no doubt! You’ll soon be jogging for two. Expand your connections to focused fitness groups and get more expert advice and fitness tips.

There is no excuse for not eating more healthily so your pc downtime can now be turned to meal planners and fruit and veggie smoothie recipes. If you can, homemade food is always more nutritional so at the weekends make your own pasta and pizzas and cram them full of fresh veggies. Just prop your tablet on the kitchen work bench and follow the vids.

Cut out all processed foods and surf for health stores stocking organic basics. Bake your own gluten free bread for instance. Download free audio books on sugar detox diets and begin the fight from within. You’ll be amazed out how much sugar overload seems unavoidable until you do-it-yourself diet plan.

3. Practical Support

Now crank that PC up a notch and get it working for you. Dial up to free Zumba and fitness classes live online. Some sites have 24 hr. activities or just store your favourite workout videos. Once you’ve learned the steps flick the screen back to that article you must read and have your workout music on and stretch and twist in front of your monitor. Don’t forget to switch off your webcam in case you end up viral! Incidentally, post you progress pics and let your friends see how well you are doing.

So don’t waste any more time worrying about how you can get away from technology to spend more time being physical. Start wondering how much more physical activity will be supported by the technology you already have!


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6 Ways To Increase Your Body’s Testosterone, Naturally

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Testosterone – the epitome of manhood.

Although women produce testosterone as well, it is mostly associated with men. How often have we heard the expression ‘too much testosterone.’

And why not? Testosterone plays a huge role in male sexuality and his reproductive abilities. Anything impacting a male’s testosterone production would also affect other bodily function such as muscle mass, hair growth, red blood cell levels, bone density, low sex drive and overall sense of well-being.

But as evolution would have it, a man’s testosterone levels starts declining when he reaches his 30s and goes on a downhill spiral as he progresses with age.

Exposure to chemicals and unhealthy lifestyle choices and even prescribed medication that include statins as its ingredient can also be harmful to testosterone production. Environmental factors like pollution in water, air and those that make their way to consumed food can also have an adverse effect as well.

Counting Your T’s

If you think you are showing the following:

–   Low libido

–   Difficulty achieving erection

–   Low sperm volume

–   Increased fat distribution

–   Hair loss

–   Loss of muscle mass

–   Lethargy

–   Mood swings

…then it would probably be best to have your testosterone levels tested. You have to take note that testosterone levels vary throughout the day so you may need more than just a single blood test to get an accurate reading of your levels.

Although there are synthetic and bio-identical therapies available in the market to address the need to supplement testosterone levels, many are becoming more conscious of increasing their testosterone levels in natural ways.

Restocking Your Testosterone

If you have established that your levels of testosterone need restocking, and you want to augment these through natural methods, here’s what you can do:

  1. Shed the excess weight. This is a neat trick. Getting rid of the unwanted pounds can increase your testosterone levels. Do you know that fats inhibit the production of testosterone? When you are overweight, you are more likely to produce less of this hormone.
  2. Strictly limit processed sugar in your diet. So say goodbye to soda, processed fruit juices and fruits that have high sugar load (think: apples, bananas, pears, pomegranates, blueberries) as well as supposed “natural” sweeteners such as agave, raw organic cane sugar and yes, even honey (in large quantities).
  3. Refined carbohydrates would need to go too. Your favorite bagel shop should see less of your patronage. Same thing as with pretzels, cereals and waffles. Refined carbohydrates can quickly convert to sugar which plays havoc to your insulin levels causing insulin resistance. And just to emphasize, insulin resistance is the culprit to almost every chronic disorder known to man.
  4. Engage in a high intensity exercise. Couple this with intermittent fasting while you’re at it because the combination of these two has been known to increase testosterone. Prolonged moderate exercise routines have little to zero effect on increasing testosterone levels. Intermittent fasting activates hormones like insulin, adiponectin, leptin, colycystokinin and melanocortins – all promoting the body’s testosterone production and preventing its decline.
  5. Strength training. On top of a high intensity work out, strength training is also known to pump up testosterone levels. This means increasing the weight but lowering the number of reps. Focus on exercises that would maximize a large number of muscles.
  6. Optimize Zinc in your diet. A supplement of zinc in your diet for six weeks can result in a significantly increase in testosterone levels. Restricting zinc diet in the body results markedly reduces testosterone levels. Go ahead, stock on raw cheese, beans and yogurt.

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4 Reasons Why Exercise Is Good For Sex

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It doesn’t matter if your name is Arnold and you pump iron daily or a dumbbell dummie learning about reps for the first time, anybody can improve their sex performance by getting fit. Think about it, that’s why the sexiest people are called the fit ones, it all makes sense. So let’s look at the evidence proving better exercise makes better sex.

  • Firstly the technical aspects of getting more out of sex being physically fit is that a fit person has much better muscle tone. Improved muscle tone will increase the sexual gratification as orgasms depend on multiple activities through the various muscle groups linked to sexual operations.
  • When considering more mature men in general, physical fitness can greatly enhance and prolong sexual prowess and reproductive physical attributes. This can sometimes be crucial for maximum sexual function.
  • Physically fit men, therefore significantly benefit in the bedroom department as physical powers promote a strong and healthy libido as a stable testosterone is naturally maintained, which is often in decline in middle-aged men.

Alternatively, sexual performance can often be a mental thing. Rather than just being based on a strong physical appearance sex is naturally enough fulfilled by emotional human experiences.

  • The power of the mind will be empowered when the body is looking healthy and good. Self-esteem can go into over drive which in itself sends the adrenaline racing.
  • Looking fit and strong is deeply felt by our psyche that it makes us more attractive.

This is a strong and clear relationship between a good level of physical fitness and increased sexual performance but it is not just being fit itself. A well thought out productive fitness regimen can’t be effective just on its own because the reciprocal benefits work well in symbiosis.

  • The better diet, cleaner living and increased sleeping skills all work together as one mutually sustaining better-life cycle. Drinking and definitely smoking should be avoided. Sleep well.
  • The rewards can drive each other such is the indirect gain of choosing the path of increased fitness.
  • Your sex life is just as important part of life as these others so why not set this as one of your improvement goals.

Exercise Increases Blood Flow

This is a major benefit booster.

  • The more blood flowing means the more, energy, oxygen and strength is working.
  • There is all the nutritional and medical benefits of the blood’s jobs list.
  • Arteries’ health is greatly improved and this means reproductive parts also.
  • Exercise increases the flexibility of arteries and for men this means better erections and increased stamina.
  • Ladies experience double vaginal blood flow for sex after workouts.

It Boosts Testosterone Levels

  • Lacking testosterone actually increases body weight.
  • Pumping iron means pumping up the testosterone levels.
  • Increased waste line means low testosterone.
  • Sex drive and libido go up significantly.
  • Muscle burns calories and keeps fat accumulation at bay, meaning weight loss.

Fitness Gets You in a Sexy Mood

No doubt about it, feeling fit means feeling like having more sex, which improves fitness, a double whammy.

  • Women rely on emotional feelings for sex and minds can wander but good fitness levels exacerbate the physical and enhance sexual sensations. This aids concentration.
  • For men, fitness improves sexual performance which improves ego.
  • The back muscles, when improved, can give more drive and ‘push’ for longer.
  • Ejaculations are also stronger when the reproductive parts are given more fitness to work with.

Feeling Fit Makes You Feel Hot

Feeling hot and sexy that is. Here are more advantages to feeling sexy:

  • Confidence is greatly increased which can have a knock-on effect with your life.
  • Feeling the sexy look will make you feel like you want more sex. The desirability factor will make you want to maintain this scenario.
  • Confidence with appearance will increase confidence in performance.


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Ways That Music Can Affect Your Muscle Building

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It is now official.

Listening to upbeat fast music while working out will give you a harder and better workout. This means more pain though as the music does not act as a pain killer, just an effort enhancer.  A recent trial has shown that there is a correlation between what we have on our earphones and the effort we then relay into our workout.

The studies have shown that strenuous exercise regimes when combined with properly co-ordinated rest periods in between have as much beneficial physical results than simply training longer for endurance type gains.

The tests are ongoing and part of a recent effort to properly associate the power of music over the human mind and how this can be directly linked to mind over matter relationship.

Muscle Music

The scientists have felt that previous studies conducted many years ago have been left to sit in ambiguity due to the social misconceptions of the time not quite recognizing how personal music can be important to the individual.

Tests on the very same subject were few and far between due to the universal medical opinion that music would be irrelevant during such studies because the ‘noise’ of heavy breathing and physical exertion would block out any therapeutic effect.

The results were gathered in the trial using volunteers to cycle on an exercise bike as hard as possible for thirty seconds while listening to their preferred music choice. The researches compiled playlists of the favorite workout music for each of the trialists. They were given five minutes to recover by whichever means they wanted and then put back on board.

The subjects when then put through identical trials but without their music, and the result was a clear downturn in physical effort and energy output. The results were analyzed to show the clear effects of having the music we like, to make us push ourselves in a physical and exhaustive capacity.

The idea is that listening to fast and strong beat music can make us go harder so allowing for short breaks in between has no detrimental effect on the overall fitness boost.

So before you plug your ears with your favorite playlist, here are some things you might be interested to know:

  • The mood and tempo of the music seems to have a direct influence on how hard we hit it. We will go harder and stronger just because a drum machine is telling us to. Music affects certain structures in the brain which influences attention, visual perception as well as muscle control and coordination. To sum it up, short periods of high-intensity music can produce quicker reaction, thus making you feel that burn necessary when moving big weight.
  • As soon as the tempo was slowed down during this trial, it had an immediate impact on work output and calories burned. The ambient flows of prevalent music if all other distractions are blocked out.
  • There is a definite notion that favorable music, when provided even under relatively extreme duress, can offer relief to negate a reasonable amount of pain and physical discomfort.
  • Having those earphones is a good excuse to avoid gym conversations that prevent you from focusing on your weights.

Although there is no conclusive proof why music can affect us in this way the studies clearly shown that the sheer presence of music we like to be listening to, can add a significant boost to our overall immediate well-being.

So choose your auditory poison. The quicker, more intense type of tempo may prompt those muscles to go with the beat which can equate to more pounds being lifted per workout session.


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5 Ways To Gain Muscles The Natural Way

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1. Keep your training under 1 hour

Contrary to what a lot of people believe, it is not advisable to train for more than an hour. This is applicable to all types of training. According to various studies, it is better to train harder than longer. When you are regularly training for more than an hour at a time, processes of the body in the hormonal level may be affected. As a result, it will be harder for you to gain the muscles that you want.

2. Do not underestimate the importance of resting in between your workouts

We know that you are very eager to achieve a better body right away, but as mentioned earlier, it will not help if you will push your body to the limit by training long hours. Your body needs rest in between your workouts. This is especially important for people with fast metabolism. Your body uses the rest period to build your muscles.

3. Make sure that you are following the right diet

It is important to increase your protein intake if you want to gain muscles. Some of the foods that are rich in protein include fishes like salmon and tuna, beef, pork, eggs (especially the egg whites), chicken, turkey and cheese. Aside from protein, it is also vital to include carbohydrates in your diet. Some good sources of carbohydrates are sweet potato, bread and oats.

4. Eat at least 5 times a day

Eating at least 5 times a day will help your body during the muscle-building phase. It is a good way to refuel the body to especially if you do high-intensity training. It is best not to wait for the time that you are hungry again. It is also not advisable to skip meals.

5. Build a mind-muscle connection

According to some studies, visualizing the muscle gain that you want can actually help if you want to increase your muscle mass. Aside from the positive effects that it can bring your body, it is also a good way to improve your focus on what you need to do. Cliché as it may sound, it is true that what the mind can conceive, you can achieve. This is the same when it comes to muscle building.

These are just some of the ways to gain muscles the natural way. Always remember that you can achieve the body that you want if you have enough determination and perseverance. If needed, you can ask an expert for professional advice on how you should go about your training.


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How Physical Fitness Can Protect You Against Cancer

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The Big C, the dreaded word.

If you are part of the majority who are conscious of slashing your risk for cancer, you haven’t probably put physical fitness as part of your daily regimen. However, researches proved there is convincing proof that exercise is not only limited to getting your body toned and healthy, it also helps reduce cancer risk as well as preventing recurrence for cancer patients.

Regular exercise, studies have found out helps cancer patients recuperate faster and minimize the harmful effects of conventional treatments for cancer such as chemotherapy.

The reason – regular exercise boosts your immune system to protect the body against future cancers.

Turning the cancer surveillance switch on

In 2012, the Integrative biology of Exercise gathered sixteen cancer survivors to participate in a three-month long clinical study. These sixteen cancer patients just completed their chemotherapy treatments. They were placed in a fitness program, each designed to fit their requirements. The regimen was a combination of:

  • Cardiovascular workout
  • Endurance training
  • Strength training

Exercises on balance, posture and flexibility were also incorporated in the routine. The participants underwent a blood test measuring their T-cells, a type of lymphocyte produced by the body which actively participates in the immune response. After the completion of the program, a large number of these T-cells reconstructed themselves into more effective, stronger cells. Exercise has essentially helped these T-cells to increase their fighting form and resist emerging cancers in the body.

Physical Fitness as a Drug

Apart from reinforcing your body’s immune cells into a better fighting form, another important impact of exercise is regulating insulin levels thereby reducing your susceptibility to cancer. As we know, cancer feeds on unregulated sugar in the body. Exercise discourages high sugar environment and as a result hampering the growth and spread of cancer cells.  An effective exercise regimen also triggers some cancer cells to die in a reaction called apoptosis.

The trick however, is to tailoring the exercise regimen as more of a precision tool, a type of ‘drug’ that needs to be carefully administered to achieve optimum benefit. It has to be nothing too strenuous that would cause tear and injury to the muscles and tendons as well as balancing aerobic and anaerobic routines.

The exercises would need to be done in specific quantities. To do this more effectively, oncologists would need to work with personal trainers and be involved in the prescription of training levels with their patients.

Most of the exercise programs that are popular are the aerobic forms of exercise. Unfortunately, the results of this type of focus may in fact inhibit maximum health benefits. This is why it is important to balance exercise levels that should include core-building routines, stretching and strength training. High-intensity training should also be part of the exercise dosage once or twice a week. The expected effect is raising heart rate up to the ideal anaerobic threshold and maintaining it for 20 to 30 seconds, and giving it 90 seconds to recover.  This should also encourage the body’s natural tendency to manufacture human growth hormones.

The Body of Evidence

The medical community started focusing their studies that proper exercise help prevent cancer in the 1980s. There have been more than 100 studies conducted since then. And the results between physical exercises in relation to cancer prevention were published in a medical journal titled Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise. The effects of exercise include changes in:

  • DNA regeneration
  • Antioxidant protection
  • Increased pulmonary capacity
  • Better energy balance
  • Improved cardiovascular performance
  • Improved bowel movement
  • Increased immune system

The evidence supports that when exercise is taken seriously, recovering cancer patients and those currently getting treatment have more to benefit from than just availing of standard or conventional treatment.


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4 Simple Ways To Have A Healthier And Stronger Body

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We all want to have a stronger and healthier body. This is of course attainable, but not very easy. If you really want to have a strong body, just follow the tips listed below.

  1. Do an exercise routine that meets your needs

If you want to have a stronger body, it is important that you pick the right exercise routine. To be sure, you may ask for the help of an expert. If you do not have extra money for their service, you can identify first what parts of your body that you want to target. From that information, look for the best exercises that will improve those body parts.

  1. Follow a well-balanced diet

Food is the fuel of the body. Without food, your body will not be able to process and function properly. Because of this, it is important to follow a well-balanced diet. If you are aiming to lose weight and add more muscles, make sure that you are not crash dieting. If you need to lessen your food intake, that is okay, as long as you still receive all the essential vitamins and minerals.

  1. Be more active and stop having a sedentary lifestyle

To have a healthy and strong body, you need to be more active. A sedentary lifestyle has a negative impact, not only on your weight, but on your over-all health as well. There are some easy ways to be active that will not require too much of your time. It is all about the choices that you make everyday. For example, instead of using the elevator, why not use the stairs?

  1. Build a strong mind

In order to have a strong body, you will need to have a strong mind too. This means that you need to develop your persistence, determination, and will to accomplish your goals. Always bear in mind that the mind and body are always connected and that one may affect the other.

With proper discipline and perseverance, you will surely achieve the health goals that you have for yourself.


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