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December 2014

5 Android Apps for Gym Laps

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Let’s face it we all love shiny new apps on our phones and tablets and most of us like hitting the gym so what better way to plan your workout then using the latest fitness trending apps. These are tailor made to help keep track of all your achievements and keep you on the road to improvement no matter how mundane your gym workout sometimes seems.

Having that attainable goal and constant pressure of forcing a new month PB is always going to improve performance and squeeze out that little bit of extra performance. And it isn’t just having a glorified stopwatch ticking on your hip as many software designs now contain real data regarding most aspects of your physical exertions and they can be quite sophisticated when you get home and analyse the results.

Here are some of the new releases that are making big enough waves on their entry into the market.

1. Virtuagym Fitness
This brand new app typifies the latest in all-around gym assistance to get you motivated and kept on track of all the different exercise routines you want to do. It is fully integrated to any daily routine or requirements you need to schedule. Think of it as your gym PA. You can easily set morning workouts to get your heart pumping and kick started for a busy day or set up complicated weighs programs that will monitor all your strength and conditioning data. By the way, it’s free!

2. Endomondo
Endomondo is more of an endurance training partner. It will get all your pace setting and km burning requirements up to date. Perfect for treadmill running and spinning or biking, this can also be used to handle more complicated regimen for elliptical and cross training. It comes with upgradable add-ons ready and waiting.

3. Workout Trainer
This app from Skimble is your very own personal assistant. This is a great entry level app for newbies also but can be as sophisticated as you want. You can plan your workouts the day before and it will keep reminders running to kick in with your music choice. It will stay in step with you all the way and provide the night time advice when you analyse your results. It has small fees upgrades available.

4. Map My Fitness Workout Trainer
This app is basically a whole range of apps because you can use it for serious gym routines or just track your warm down walks in the park. It will monitor everything for you so you can analyse your physical activity across the board from Monday morning till Sunday evening. It even has some assistance for diet planning so there’s no reason to skip any sort of training with this handy gizmo.

5. Gym Workout Log from Gym Frame

As the name would suggest this app is aimed at gym users that want to get more out of their sessions and use the app as a form and technique assistant more than just a ticking motivator. It’s a bit less hands-on leaving you free to try out unfamiliar lifts that it can walk you through but it has the feel of leaving you in the driving seat when lifting and it will patiently keep up with your achievements. Also its free version is currently ad free.

As long as you have your phone out of harm’s way of the free weights then let these great new apps will support and entertain you as you push yourself to your weekly limits.

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5 Simple Ways To Prevent Gaining Weight This Holiday Season

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As we all know, the holiday season is fast approaching. With so many family and company parties that we need to attend, it is very hard to maintain our weight. While preventing weight gain during this jolly season can be a bit challenging, there are still some simple ways to prevent additional pounds in your weight.

1.  As much as possible, do not go to a party hungry
Whenever you attend parties, it is advised to eat something beforehand. By doing so, you will not overeat during the occasion. In case you did not have the time to eat a nutritious snack, all you have to do is to drink a glass or two of water to make you feel fuller right away.

2. Choose what you put on your plate
It is very hard not to be tempted to eat unhealthy foods especially if you do not have control on what will be served. If you do not want to gain weight, you should choose wisely what you will put on your plate. Include vegetables and fishes if available. Another trick you may do is to choose a small plate for eating. This will remind you to eat less.

3. Focus on other people and not on the food
Yes, holidays are synonymous to plenty of good food, but you should not forget that it is also the time to bond with your family, friends and co-workers. To prevent overeating, it is best to divert your attention by spending more time chatting with other people in the party.

4. Take it slow when eating
According to experts, it is better to chew the food slowly when eating. By doing so, your body will trick your brain that you are already full. Another trick you can do is to put down the fork after every bite. This will help you control your pace more. The key here is taking you time.

5. Do not forget to exercise

It is important to continue doing your regular exercise regimen. This is especially important during this time of the year. With so many celebrations this month, it is crucial to burn the calories you consumed. Follow your exercise regimen and you will surely achieve your weight and fitness goals.

Christmas is a grand and happy celebration. It is a time for families and friends to bond while sharing good food. Because of this, it is hard to avoid weight gain. With so many food temptations this month, there will surely be a lot of times when you will overeat. When this happens, do not feel guilty. Just burn the calories by exercising. Just make sure to be more in control next time. Always remember that if you really want to maintain your sexy figure, you will need discipline. Happy holidays everyone!

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Effective Ways To Motivate Yourself To Start Working Out

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“Leave all the afternoon for exercise and recreation, which are as necessary as reading. I will rather say more necessary because health is worth more than learning.”

-Thomas Jefferson

Have you ever found yourself losing the motivation to exercise and work out? If your answer to this question is yes, then we want you to know that you are not alone. Many of us, even for once, felt the lack of desire to be active and to follow one’s regular exercise routine.

If you are one of these people, this article will help you ignite your desire to achieve health and wellness once again.

  • Think about your excess weight

If you want to motivate yourself to start working out, the best motivator will be your desire to lose weight. How about thinking of the excess fats in your stomach area? Is that enough motivation for you?

  • Remind yourself of how you felt after working out

People who exercise can attest that it feels great to workout. Whenever you exercise, your body produces a component that actually boosts your mood. As a result, it can make you feel happy and contented with the routine that you have finished.

  • If you are already stressed-out, tell yourself that all you need is some exercise

Did you know that exercise is a very good stress-reliever? This may still be related to the fact that it can help you feel happy and at the same time relaxed. It is also a good way to bond with your friends or if you want, you can use this as “me-time”.

  • Have a fitness inspiration

Your inspiration does not necessarily need to be a skinny model. Just find someone who can inspire you to achieve all the fitness goals that you have. Cut a picture of him/her and place it where you can always see it to motivate yourself to stick to your fitness routine.

  • Reward yourself once in awhile

One of the most popular ways to get motivation is through rewards. Reward yourself once in awhile. Just make sure that you will not exceed limitations.

These are just some of the ways to motivate yourself to work out. Yes, it may be hard to stick to a plan especially if it seems that you are not getting the results that you want. Just remember that more than anything else, you are doing this for yourself and for your over-all health.


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Going On Holidays? 6 Ways To Make Sure You Don’t Completely Ditch Your Healthy Habits!

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by: Emma Esslemont

In just over a week I’m heading overseas for a 6 week Central American adventure…. Yep it’s pretty exciting… and when I say pretty what I really mean is I actually cannot think about anything else!

Taking a break from work and the goings of everyday life is such an important aspect of your health and well-being. For some, holidays are all about drinking, eating and partying, and yes I’ll be doing my fair share of that BUT that doesn’t mean you have to throw all your healthy habits out the window. A few weeks break isn’t always an excuse to treat your body like crap. It should be an opportunity to unwind, relax and recharge, whilst enjoying a few indulgences along the way.

There are a few things I always try and do when I head off on holidays to make sure I don’t completely de-rail all the hard work I put into my health.

1. ENJOY THE OUTDOORS: Wherever you go there will always be a heap of cool adventure activities you can get involved in. We have a shitload of awesome adventurous things planned from canopy zip lining, volcano boarding, surfing, and jungle hikes. Not only is this incidental exercise at its best BUT it’s also one of the most incredible ways to explore a new place.

2. START THE DAY WELL: I always feel better if I kick-start my day in the right way. A bottle of water, coffee (obviously), and a healthy, nutritious breakfast which almost always involves eggs & bacon. This sets me up for the day ahead and gives me a heap of energy to get out and see the sites.

3. WALK WALK WALK… everywhere! If you don’t need to take the bus then don’t. You will be amazed at the cool little things you stumble across in foreign cities when you are on foot!

4. WATER: Hydration is always important BUT it’s the key if you hit the cocktails a little hard the evening before! Most cocktails have a heap of sugar from fruit or flavour syrups, that’s why they taste sooooo damn good! The best fix for a sugar hangover is a heap of water! I often add extra electrolytes with hydrolyte tablets to my water bottle (that’s for when I’m feeling really average).

5. EXERCISE….. a little (at least). I’ll be honest, I find it pretty hard to go an entire week without doing some form of exercise & this doesn’t really change just because I’m on holiday. It doesn’t mean go searching for the gym and slog it out all day, a quick 20 minute workout every other day is all you need whether it’s a jog on the beach or a high intensity body weight circuit in the park. It doesn’t have to eat into your day & don’t stress if you miss a few days here or there!

6. WATCH FOR THE HIDDEN NAUGHTIES: There is nothing I love more than tasting different cuisines… Mexican & central American food is one of my favourites so it’s safe to say I have the tendency to go overboard BUT there are a few things I often do to make sure my food choices are still a little on the ‘healthy side’.

  • I always ask for dressing on the side, most are packed full of sugar not to mention I would prefer my salad not to be drowned in dressing!
  • Watch out for sauces & salsas as these are often highly processed and full of sugar too
  • Portion size… this is especially relevant in America (from experience) where main meal is fit for 2. You do not have to eat everything on your plate!
  • Go easy on the fruit. I love me an ice cold coconut or a bowl of fresh watermelon BUT don’t forget fruit does contain sugar. Try and stick to 1 piece per day!

Obviously, as always, the most important thing is always to HAVE FUN & RELAX.



About the Author

Em is a sports physiotherapist & personal trainer who loves just about anything related to fitness & food. Her website ‘Your Sports Physio’ has articles dedicated to health and wellbeing as well as information about common sports injuries, their management and how they can be prevented! Check it out at www.yoursportsphysio.com. You can also follow her on instagram @emesslemont.

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4 Ways Technology Promotes Fitness

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Here are a few of the latest gadgets that will help boost your work rate and look cool at the same time. Now that’s got to be the best choice of all.

1. Pedometers

Pedometers are making a comeback. Once the niftiest gadgets for nerdy fun runners they soon became obsolete but are with us in all new upgraded glory. It has never been easier to get a daily amount of steps taken and once you’re got that to think of the psychology kicks in and starts you walking just about everywhere. Reliable studies have show an increase of over 25% in activity by users trialing new pedometers that discreetly slips into the smallest of pockets.

The technology when analyzing the results is the fun part and where new fans will want to be monitoring all their fitness workouts. It is not unusual to clock 9000 steps per day at 100 steps by minute. It is good for weight loss when reaching anywhere near 12000 so the benefits are instantly recognizable.

There are studies underway to use pedometer readings to ascertain youth-specific good health. These will form the foundation of the effects of decent walking efforts and how it can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular problems.

2. Accelerometers

These trendy little gadgets are taking things one step further and include important statistics regarding frequency, intensity and duration of movements patterns for fitness. This can include all activities not just step counting so the software and hardware need to come down in price before being a staple piece of daily equipment but it is starting to happen.

Recently, a nationwide study included accelerometers as a specific trial of objective measurement to gauge compliance and make recommendations for the general public. It is evident that all this is leading to a new era in personal technology being at the forefront of most physical fitness programs the world over.

3. Global Positioning Systems

This is likely to take off in a big way as the gadgets become cheaper and more accessible. For hikers and  country runners the GPS locator can be used in conjunction with Geographic Information Systems to give a 3D rendition of the route taken, including weather and wind, to ascertain work load done and energy required to complete the route.

The fun of looking up your run or hike in the evening to see where you found the going tough or easy is going to be fun for fans as the green maps with elevation lines are bound to be popular for challenging route planning. This is likely to be a very popular gadget as the outdoor-loving scenario is brought home and relived after a warming bath and rest. The GIS element is already providing interest when used with data provided by environmental departments that have a vested interest in protecting and learning from routes taken by runners using particular nature trails and parks.

4. Interactive Video Games

The more inclined indoor-lovers interactive video games have already taken off as fun activities but increasingly people are open to the idea of playing physical sports in your own home. With fun a key element the games are becoming more sophisticated to take tennis playing etc to a more serious level. A decent workout is now possible through following everything on your flat screen as long as you have enough space for leaping about. Just as the video workouts were popular years ago the convenience of keeping track of all your activities on your PC is winning over a whole new generation of keep fit at home fans.

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Interesting Weight Loss Tips From Around The World

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We are all aware of the most common weight loss tips that we often hear from diet experts such as following a well-balanced diet and having a regular exercise regimen. If you are not seeing any results following these, then you should know that there are actually various tips from different parts of the world that might help you achieve your weight and fitness goals.

  • France

If you want to lose weight, then you should use smaller plates so that you will not be tempted to eat more. Aside from this, it will also help if you only get small portions of your food during meals. Another good tip from France is about ruining your appetite before the main course is served. This is done by starting with a salad or soup.

  • Thailand

The cuisine of this Asian country is popular for its distinct taste and spice. In fact, their cuisine is one of the spiciest in the world. According to experts, spicy foods can increase your metabolism. When this happens, it will be easier for you to burn calories and lose unwanted weight.

  • Japan

Did you know that Japan has the lowest rate of obesity in the world? This is expected because of their diet and eating habits. In Japan, diet consists of mostly vegetables, fish, and fruits. They also prefer fresh foods and not the processed ones.

  • United Kingdom

Just like in France, people from the UK prefer small portions during meals. This is a very good trick if you do not want to overeat. Aside from this, there is also no more option of “supersizing” food orders and drinks.

  • Poland

People from Poland favor eating at home. This is an excellent way not just to save money, but to lose weight as well. By eating at home, it will be easier for you to make your diet delicious and nutritious.

  • Italy

For Italians, it is best to eat slowly during meals. This is very effective if you want to avoid overeating. By taking your time with your food, you will be able to chew the food better, helping you to feel full right away. This is also beneficial for your digestive system.

  • Netherlands

In Netherlands, people are very fond of biking. In fact, bikes outnumber people in this country. Biking is a very good exercise. If your work is just near your place, then it is time to think of biking to work instead of driving your car.

Losing weight requires a lot of determination and patience. By doing the tips we have listed above, you are surely on your way to reaching your fitness and health goals in no time.

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6 Foods With Weight Loss Benefits

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If you are aiming for a healthier and sexier body, then this article is definitely for you. If you have followed different diet programs without seeing positive results, then this may be the best time to include the following foods to your meals.

1. Apples– Aside from being delicious and nutritious, apples can also help you lose weight. Instead of snacking on foods that are high in calorie content, just munch on apples. This fruit can make you feel full after just a few slices. Aside from this, apples can also trick your brain to make you feel satisfied and not hungry. Sniff an apple and see how it works.

2. Avocado– Aside from the benefits it can give to your digestive system, it can also trick your body for you not to feel hungry. This delicious treat is a very good source of protein and fiber so it is also good for your over-all health.

3. Salmon– If you love fishes, then you should add this to your diet. This fish is a very good source of protein. Because of its protein content, it can help you feel fuller right away.

4. Chicken breast – You should also add this to your diet if you want to get rid of unwanted fats in your body. Chicken breast is high in protein. This type of protein has the ability to control your appetite so that you will not eat more than you should.

5. Pear– Aside from its delicious taste, this is also very good for people on a diet. By snacking on pear, you will not feel the urge to snack in between your main meals. One thing to remember is that one of the most common causes of obesity is too much in-between eating.

6. Eggs– This is one of the most commonly misunderstood food when it comes to weight loss. Many people think that by eating eggs, they will gain more pounds. The truth is, eating scrambles eggs can make you feel satisfied and full, preventing you from overeating.

These are just some of the great foods that you may want to consume to help you lose weight. Just remember to eat everything in moderation. Aside from your eating habits, it is also important to have an active lifestyle.

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