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January 2017

Andy Chats With Celebrity Chef, Author And Co Star Of Super Size Me Alex Jamieson

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In this episode You will learn…
– Why this long term vegan fell sick and made it a must to balance out her nutrition.
– The effects of food on mood, mind and emotions.
– What is was like filming the mega hit ‘super size me’.
– The lessons learned on her journey from sick to healthy and strong
– How to stay true to you values and personal needs when it seems that everyone is against you.

As the leader and CEO of Ultimate You Change Centres, Andy has built the business from the ground up. Utilising the skills he obtained in the early days of his carpentering, he put his tool belt back on and personally built the first Change Centre himself. Whilst simultaneously executing business decisions on an executive level, it was Andy’s mission to create an innovative and successful business that encapsulates extraordinary change and growth not only in business but in the world’s state of health.

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