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UY Radio – Andy & Jenna talk about Gut Health 101

By June 21, 20182018, uyradio

Andy and Jenna talk about the GUT as your second brain and it produces SEROTONIN which is you happy hormone.
This affects your mood which ranges from anxiety to feeling awesome. This affects your health and well-being.

If you are experiencing anxiety and depression this influences your GUT HEALTH which influences your BRAIN HEALTH. This can be an insidious cycle to be in. Knowing some principles to treat it will help you improve GUT and BRAIN HEALTH.

If you have any questions while watching this episode, leave them on the comments section and we will include them in future episodes.

As the leader and CEO of Ultimate You Change Centres, Andy has built the business from the ground up. Utilising the skills he obtained in the early days of his carpentering, he put his tool belt back on and personally built the first Change Centre himself. Whilst simultaneously executing business decisions on an executive level, it was Andy’s mission to create an innovative and successful business that encapsulates extraordinary change and growth not only in business but in the world’s state of health.

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