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The Importance Of ‘Post-race’ Nutrition

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by Emma Esslemont

You finally did it….. you are a finisher… you can’t get that shiny medal around your neck fast enough…. and yes you will wear it (along with your race bib) around for the rest of the day, just so everyone knows….. that you did it. (that is totally me)

It’s a pretty good feeling crossing the finish line of a fitness challenge you have spent weeks training for. It’s relief, exhaustion and a whole lot of satisfaction all bundled into one.

You catch your breath, find your feet, collect your thoughts. Now what?

Well for me the first thing on my mind always is FOOD. Post-race nutrition is really important when it comes to how well your body will bounce back. Not only do your muscles need nutrients to help with repair and recovery BUT you sure as hell deserve to reward yourself with a little bit of a feast.

First… WATER. Re-hydration is one of the keys to post race recovery. Consciously drink at least 1 full bottle of water in the first 5-10 minutes of finishing. Almost as important is replenishing electrolytes which are lost via sweat. Some people choose sports drinks, I personally find these way too sweet so I prefer to add a little sea salt to my water and sip on that.

Second…FOOD. Following an intense exercise effort your body needs two main things; carbohydrates and protein. Carbs will replenish your energy stores while protein helps with repairing damaged muscle.

Carbohydrates are best consumed in the 30 minutes post exercise as this is when your muscles are most receptive to replenishing glycogen stores. Protein is essential for muscle repair, the best sources here are meat, fish or eggs Vegetarian options include legumes and beans.

If you struggle with the idea of solid food after exercise which I know a lot of people do, opt for a protein shake. This can kick start your recovery until you feel ready to stomach a proper meal. Protein shakes with berries, banana and coconut water is packed with all the right things! A pea protein is the best option if it’s available.

What happens if you don’t refuel effectively?

Are you human?!? Seriously, for me the 8 hours after a hard event my brain is programmed to eat… but I always try to eat well. I’m not necessarily reaching for a greasy burger & bowl of chips instead my go to is generally breakfast as it’s normally my first meal for the day. Think eggs & bacon, lots of bacon. I get my carbohydrates from something like sweet potato chips or a grain free bread such as sprouted quinoa bread. For the remainder of the day I try to always have a carb & protein source in every meal. I also ALWAYS have my favourite little treat…Coconut Rough. Chocolate & coconut all mixed into bite size pieces of heaven (I’ll have a whole bag please).

If you are craving something in particular EAT IT. Your body is telling you something and you have well and truly earned it.

If you don’t give your body adequate nutrients after an intense bout of exercise you will take longer than usual to recover, you will feel tired, run down & the likelihood of you falling sick is slightly higher.


About the Author

Em is a sports physiotherapist & personal trainer who loves just about anything related to fitness & food. Her website ‘Your Sports Physio’ has articles dedicated to health and wellbeing as well as information about common sports injuries, their management and how they can be prevented! Check it out at www.yoursportsphysioblog.com. You can also follow her on instagram @emesslemont


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More Than Sex

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Walking along the path into divorce or a break-up is not something that is planned for or often anticipated. The added layer to this is when the seeming cause of the end of the relationship is infidelity and consequential betrayal.

Often the “other” person is looked upon as being a better version, be it younger, thinner, prettier, more handsome or having an element that seemed to be lacking in the marriage or relationship. It is easy to assume it is because of sex and sexual satisfaction when this was the action that was taken. However, it is rarely ever about sex.

Sex itself is a huge topic that when linked into the intent and reasoning of the individual it can actually become a tool, rather than expression. When the need becomes external for sexual gratification it is a reflection of an internal conflict externalized through the unhappiness in the marriage or relationship.

This is not or ever a black and white situation but one thing that is more common than not is the use of sexual gratification when there are issues within a marriage or relationship.

The true and real cause tends to be related to a disconnection and following a lack of intimacy. This is not sex however, rather a human, emotional need that is being ignored. There are many layers to this and the causes that led up to the result of sex acts outside of the relationship and the break-up as a consequence. More often than not it has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with the person.

To not take this personally reflects whether that disconnect was mutual or due to lacking the desire to connect beyond being glorified flat mates. One person’s actions are a result of their own internal turmoil; however within a relationship this can significantly impact and create a chain reaction of events, thought patterns and inevitable outcomes.

Sex is a natural and essential part of life, marriage and a relationship, but that doesn’t mean it is the actual driver into infidelity or the cause of some the break-up.

When the person is honest with themselves the cause of the break-up was more than sex.




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